Can I make a notarized passport translation by myself?

Notarized passport - is, in essence, the same passport (or rather, its copy), but translated into a foreign language. The accuracy of the translation is certified by the signature and seal of a notary.

Sounds easy, right? Thinking this way, you can try to translate by yourself and only then visit the notary for certification. Even if you know target foreign language quite well, this decision may cost you a lot of  unpleasant "surprises" in the future:

  • The notary will not accept your own translation because he does not know your level of language proficiency.
  • Even if certify your documents, some organizations have specific requirements for passport translation you may not be aware of.

Let our translators do the job!

The most convenient variant is when translation and notarization are made by one and the same company :

  • Professional expertise allows to translate in accordance with requirements for personal documents, no matter how complicated the source language is.
  • Interaction with the authorized notary allows you to stay away from possible problems and guarantees that you get a ready document.

Thus, working with our experts means saving time, nerves and money. However, you should choose the company responsibly.

Passport translation: why us?

Passport translation with notarization:

  • From Russian to any foreign language. You might need such a document when working with finance or real estate abroad. It is also necessary during employment process and obtaining residence permit.
  • There is a number of situations when you might need a certified translation of the passport "here and now", but in each of them we can help you quickly and efficiently.
  • From Moldavian | Ukrainian | Belarusian | English (and many others) into Russian. This service is relevant for foreign citizens intending to work with Russian companies.
  • In some cases, we can also make a notarized translation of the passport from a foreign language into another foreign language.

There is no need for us to resort to the help of third parties ;we do our job efficiently and quickly. Translation of a passport is not an issue when you have “Aatoslingvo” !

Prices for passport translation with notarization.

  • Translation to all non- Asian languages-starting from 1200 ₽

  • Translation from Asian languages-starting fro 1500 ₽

  • Urgent translation-starting from 2000 ₽

  • Urgent translation from Asian languages-from 2200 ₽

There is no ready-made price offer for passport translations due to many factors forming the price. We suggest you contact the manager at +7 812 448-70-70 and get all the detailed information on your exclusive prices enquiry and payment terms. You are welcome to see starting prices on our “Prices” page.