Technical Translation starting from 600 RUB

“Aatoslingvo” has all the necessary resources to create any document, from the instruction manual translation to drawings from any field, such as oil refining and the automobile industry, for example.

Technical translation includes following types of documents :

  •  instruction manuals ;
  • blueprints;
  • operators manuals;
  • engineering data
  • specifications;
  • regulations;
  • Technical Products Catalogue ;
  • a description of projects in any sphere ;
  • design and technical documentation , etc.

Types of technical translation

  • Literal translation of technical texts. Characterized by minimal changes in the wording of the text and its semantics. Values ​​should remain in the units specified in the original document, technical specifications, drawings or instructions. Translation of graphs and illustrations is usually literal.

  • Adapted Translation. It is aimed to simplify the understanding of the material, to complement the idea of ​​the source text, without changing its basic meaning. Measurement and unit values ​​can be replaced with the values used in the target language. Adapted translation of technical literature includes working with theoretical studies texts.

Drawings translation

  • Layout. The number of characters in the text is often increased when translating technical texts from English into Russian, so it is necessary to change the layout. This may increase the number of outcome pages, resulting in images changing. Special attention should be paid to drawings where source language is read from right to left.

  • Translator’s expertise. Layouts and drawings translations are required by oil, construction, gas and engineering companies as well as contracting firms for industrial projects. Our tested team of technical translators knows the fundamentals of engineering design, industry terminology and design standards (for the Russian Federation is a list of the Unified System of Engineering Drawings standards).

  •  Layouts. When translating technical documents and drawings, the variety of special symbols used in various countries, such as physical values, measurement units, types of steel, hatches, lines, etc, should be taken into account. Output text must be adjusted in accordance with national standards for registration of a particular design documentation.

Translation of operating instructions

Translation of product instructions into Russian is obligatory when selling such products on the territory of the Russian Federation. According to the RF Government Decree №1037 from 15.08.1997, translation must contain information about the name of the product, its purpose, main characteristics and properties, country and manufacturer, as well as the rules of safe and efficient use. Translation of technical documentation with such information must be attached to each product unit. As a rule, translation of manuals is ordered by equipment distributors in Russia.