Those who need literary translation always feel the book, understand and appreciate diversity and talent of the author. Works written in their native language are accessible to any potential reader. What should one do if there is a sincere desire to get acquainted with the works of foreign authors, but foreign language limits our ability to read in the original? The only way to fulfill the desire is to read the translated version of the book. It is of vital importance that translation is of a good quality, preserving all the nuances and the design of a foreign writer.

Translation Wizards: professionalism and creativity starting from 500 rubles/page

Just language is not enough for translating fiction. Without creative thinking, even a top quality literally translated text would look dry, lifeless and listless. So fiction interpreters should have a huge creative potential as well as deep literary flair. One of the required stages of their work is a meticulous research of author’s career path, historical period, and national culture. Only professional linguists and literary critics who have passion for their work can save language hints, style beauty, expressiveness of speech and philosophical inner history. When translating poetic masterpieces it is important to follow the laws of poetry, while maintaining the individual characteristics of poetic language.

Affordable masterpieces

Our team of literary translators is ready to translate:

  • fiction (novels, short stories);
  • journalistic works (essays, critical articles);
  • manuscripts;
  • nonfiction (memoirs, biographies);
  • poetic creations (poems, ballads, elegies, songs);
  • subtitles, video clips.

Reading with pleasure

Our translations are unique independent works of art, which carefully preserve the unique features of the author's style. Our professionalism is evidenced by:

  • experienced professionals, combining perfect command of languages, high quality literary training and creativity;
  • you can order translations both from widely-spread languages (English, German, French, Italian) and rare ones;
  • positive feedback from readers, literary critics;
  • confidentiality of customer’s info;
  • following the deadlines;
  • Affordable cost.

Contacting us means high quality results –you receive a beautiful, emotional, brilliant book, it will be a sheer delight to read it.


There is no ready-made price offer for literary translations due to many factors forming the price. We suggest you contact the manager at +7 812 448-70-70 and get all the detailed information on your exclusive prices enquiry and payment terms. You are welcome to see starting prices on our “Prices” page.