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«Aatoslingvo» - translation agency

««Aatoslingvo» is a professional translation agency with best language experts in St. Petersburg. We provide language services, interpreting and language pairs. When working with us, you will get a linguistic adaptation of texts in foreign languages of European, Asian and other groups. We work with English, German, Chinese, French, Italian and many other languages.

We can fulfill your order at any time, including night hours, days off or public holidays. We guarantee quality of work for all language pairs as our translators are excellent language experts, many of them being native speakers of their profile language.

Our qualified, vetted translators are experts in translation and interpreting, and, if spoken language translation is required –we have a solution that can fit your brief-consecutive or simultaneous translation. If our translators work on highly specialized texts, it means that they have education corresponding to the task. All the translations undergo two-level proofreading and editing.

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Why us?


Find new foreign partners!

We are extremely accurate at translating your information materials, conducting your correspondence and interpreting.

Advertising sells!

We translate your website, advertising brochures, booklets - so that your clients want to use only your services.

Your employees know everything now!

Simultaneous translation of your foreign partners at training sessions or dealer seminars.

Get a feedback from your foreign clients and partners!

We can translate reviews on your goods, services, company performance, calls and letters.

What about defending my interests in court?!

We are just the best at court interpreting...

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